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Companionship begins with DAX.

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The DAX/2 is our most popular civilian robot control system. Based on the award-winning technology behind the SXD, the DAX/2 provides everything you need in a synthetic companion.

  • modular power control turn off subsystems you don't need—and find the battery that best suits your need (up to 24 hours; fully rechargeable)
  • preprogrammed messages that the unit is limited to when the "mind" subsystem is turned off—which change with the personality active
  • coordinated personality overrides changes in the speech marker, i.e. the sound that plays when you talk
    + changes in the "mindless" preset messages + loading/unloading of RLV folders, e.g. for AO management
    + execution of gestures when the action starts
  • real user control (three levels: multiple owners + multiple managers + multiple users; managers can do anything except affect owners
  • optional HUD everything can be accessed through the dialogs on the main controller and there are battery and draw gauges on the back of the unit—or right from the bottom of your screen
  • access control to allow group or public use, plus PIN-based locking
  • bling change light colors with a single command, add random noise to your chat, or change the unit's name from the menu
  • peripherals most of which support color changing as well, and provide a wide array of functions such as displaying your status to people around you, conveying your mood with lights and sound, or visually displaying power draw rate
  • easy-to-create-and-install add-ons in native LSL! updates and applications can be retrieved from a central server much like package management on Linux and other Unix operating systems
  • command-line interface almost everything you can do from the back panel can be done through commands, even remotely through the new remote console