Get ready to fall in love with a machine—again.

Today marks the release of our newest control system, the Class 3 Digital Articulated Escort. Powered by Companion 8.4, the DAX/3 presents one of the most powerful and completely immersive experiences available on the grid to date.

Auxiliary power.

Say goodbye to fumbling around in the dark for your battery. When your Companion 8.4-powered DAX/3 unit shuts down, it switches to auxiliary power, giving you a few precious minutes to swap out your power source, observe your surroundings, and keep in touch with your friends.

Intimate design.

The purpose of the DAX series has always been clear: to bring robotics into the personal domain. Tamara Peluso's finest work to date, the organically-sculpted outer shell captures that perfectly, creating a shape that both celebrates the curves of the human body and defies them, challenging the eye to remember you're something more than human.

Real restraint.

Get ready to leave your other toys behind. Companion 8.4 includes a full RLV relay capable of handling restraint sources from up to 64 users simultaneously. With the new Consent model, equipment belonging to your authorized users can be automatically granted permission to apply restrictions without any intervention.

Price: L$1000

(Battery sold separately.)