The NS-120 Mesta main controller is now available in-store and online for L$900. Featuring a robust midcentury modern design with original slate gray paintwork, the Mesta is the perfect fit for larger androids destined for industrial, military-logistic, and construction work.

Additionally, it comes with Companion 8.5 release candidate 2 pre-installed, the first controller to feature the 8.5 version of our civilian operating system after years of hard work implementing and innovating new technologies. This allows the Mesta to automatically unload its power cell (and re-load, if batteries are not swapped) when the doors are opened, greatly simplifying this most common of maintenance tasks.

When human strength fails, the Mesta succeeds. NS-120 androids are the backbones of industry on dozens of colony worlds, working tirelessly in factories, foundries, mines, quarries, and even army engineering corps to sustain the precious jewels of civilization that mankind has built in the barren, lifeless wilderness. They may be worn from years of grueling labor, missing bits of epidermal coating and chips of paint, but they are always dependable, keeping the flame of humanity's ambitions fueled. And like the great fifty-kiloton metal presses of twentieth century Earth, their contributions are beyond measure.

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