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the perfect digital courtesan


The Nanite Systems SXD recreational gynoid was the first sentient articulated adult playmate available on the market when it was released in 1989 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 87,748 were manufactured, retailing at the then-astronomical price of $100,000 USD. To collectors at the time, they were widely regarded as works of art with no parallel.

breakneck advances

The SXD was unfortunately met with a great deal of resistance in public opinion, eventually being forced off the market by lobbyists and a culture that was not yet ready for sentient robots in the home. But to those who truly loved their dolls, they were lavished with returned affection, passion, and even wit.

sleeping opportunity

Out of almost eighty-eight thousand SXDs manufactured (serial numbers 999545000 through 999632748), only one unit of the original run remained in working condition throughout this: SXD 999-54-5620. After the sales ban, Nanite Systems recalled most of the units to be stripped down and salvaged for its much more successful combat droid business.

hope for a renaissance

Due to design flaws that also motivated the recall, the remaining units gradually lost the ability to charge. The sole remaining unit survived due to a fluke combination of unique circumstances: a promotional model belonging to the company, it had been used in a brief wireless charging experiment in early 1990, still possessed the modifications for doing so, and was able to sustain itself directly by accessing exposed wiring. Since its rediscovery in early 2014, interest in the SXD and its history has motivated NS to revitalize the brand and return to the recreational synthetics market.