Emotion TESI The dawn of a new age for virtual love.

Emotion is the ultimate sexual arousal simulation for robots. Provided as an add-on for our popular Companion operating system, it tracks excitement and sensitivity in a detailed and realistic manner, monitors the unit's lubricant levels, and can trigger a wide range of responses through the standard sensor attachments, including movements, fluids, and sounds.

parametric lust

At the heart of Emotion is the arousal model, which tracks sexual excitement and sensitivity as independent attributes. Elevated sensitivity increases the impact of stimulation events, which may be triggered by TESI-compliant sensors or programmatically through interactions with hardware or software. Orgasm is triggered on command only, provided sufficient arousal is available, to ensure that the unit's sexual satisfaction occurs in a fashion that maximizes the operator's own pleasure—if it is allowed to occur at all. Following climax, hyperparameters are used to determine how sensitivity and arousal change, making it easy to emulate both typical and atypical refractory behavior for any sex.


Much like ATOS/E introduced heat management, Emotion also enables the direct management of the unit's cryolubricant circulatory system, including pressure monitoring and metabolic processing of foreign organic contaminants (i.e., food and beverage). Low cryolubricant levels have consequences for ATOS/E-enabled units, as they become less effective at cooling and are more likely to overheat under high load. Some cryolubricant is expended in the course of sexual conduct, according to the nozzle dilation scheme for the unit's chassis. To refill the unit's cryolubricant reserves, just make use of a compatible food item—or drink from a compatible body part.


With the standard TESI sensor package, sound effect and animation responses are easy to set up. Non-verbal vocalizations are supported natively, even without any sensors, using the unit's standard speech synthesizer. The default vocalization presets are derived from recordings of genuine human intimacy, offering a convincing and immersive experience.

handles 2.0

Touch isn't the only way to make evenings exciting. With the new 2.0 version of our popular Generic Handle system, not only can you pose, carry, and seat units, but you can also initiate arousal-building poseball interactions, called "uses," for one person or multiple people to interact with a TESI-enabled robot. No furniture required—just grab, rez, and ravish.

open API

Although there are several other sex simulation systems available, these all have either entirely closed APIs or require royalties to develop new furniture and compatible devices. Emotion is the grid's first open-protocol sex system, making it possible for third-party developers to control and measure arousal, manage lubricant, and trigger response effects with impunity. We're excited to see what you'll make!

To get started with the Emotion protocols, see the TESI page at develop.ns.


The time has come! For L$800, you can get the latest development build of TESI, a complete set of sensors, the fluid transfer HUD, and more. Visit our Eisa Campus for more information.