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Head, heart, and hands. Our machines speak your language.

The most sophisticated robots on the market today, Nanite Systems civilian cybernetics offer human-like behavior that you just can't get anywhere else. When one of our robots becomes part of your life, you'll wonder how you ever survived without it.

Companionship begins with DAX.

DAX/3, DAX/2, and DAX/2m recreational synthetics The friendliest machines ever made—a DAX unit's enthusiasm is only rivaled by its eagerness to please. It's a perfect addition to any home, family, or bedroom. Offering three unique designs and unbeatable customizability, the DAX series is an instant best-seller, ideal for showcasing the depths of our powerful Companion operating system. Whether you're entertaining guests, too busy to look after the kids, or just looking forward to a long weekend, your DAX will make the experience so much better.

Courtesans for the digital age.

Nanite Systems SXD The crown jewel of artificial intelligence. Since its first unveiling in 1989, the SXD has won every major adult industry award for cybernetics. Today these legacy machines represent the ultimate prize for collectors, and their timeless style continues to inspire the next generation of civilian gynoid designers. History worth repeating.

Limited availability.

Unbeatable service.

Aide and Scout for home and office A brilliant surgeon. A tireless courier. A firefighter with no fear. The Aide and Scout control systems offer ideal support for civilian safety, healthcare, and logistics. They're military-grade hardware, used every day on the battlefields and behind the lines on hundreds of planets as medics, drivers, reconnaissance, light infantry, and other support roles.

Non-stop vigilance.

Nightfall and ATOS/E Not every security problem can be solved with military technology. Designed to be the ideal synthetic police offer, the Nightfall series provides a balance of civilian and combat features, including heuristic cooling control and nanite-based self-maintenance. The result is a machine equally comfortable making split-second tactical decisions and difficult moral dilemmas, all while acting within the rule of law.

With the ATOS/E software upgrade, the Nightfall's tactical prowess can be added to any Companion-based robot, enabling synthetic caretakers, playmates, and trail guides to protect you, your loved ones, and your customers with minimal risk to human life.

The soul of the new machines.

Companion 8.4 operating system It began as a simple power configuration interface. Over three decades and millions of lines of code later, Companion is the keystone of the NS civilian robotics experience, providing a bridge between the immense, adaptive brain-like processing of the Cortex-series central processing core and the realm of conventional digital computing. With Companion, you can teach your robot how to speak new languages—including dance and love. And it's just as easy to wipe the slate clean and start all over again.

Synthetically yours.

Metalloplastic Nova polymer-alloy coating system Dozens of manufacturers have offered epidermal coating systems for artificial humanoids. Almost without exception, these designs suffer for the sake of emulation: they're trying to be something they're not. Metalloplastic is different, delicious, and durable in all the right ways.