Special statement from acting Chair Tamara Peluso, CEO of Nanite Systems Consumer Products Regarding recent events

Regarding recent events

Over the past week, you may have heard about our decision to cooperate with federal regulators in the United States pertaining to the improper procurement of biological samples for use in our recreational android and gynoid products. There have been a lot of rumors circulating as to the exact nature of the sampling process, so I'd like to take a moment to clarify some key facts about what happened and what you can expect going forward.

Sampling is a means of sourcing biological and neurological information from an organic template in order to enrich the human-like qualities of our robots. With only a few exceptions, units manufactured and sold by NSCP are designed to have unique appearances and personalities, so that they can better simulate the real experience of talking to a human being. In some cases, we use in-place sampling, also known as 'conversion,' 'robotification,' 'cyberization,' or 'nanite refabrication' to extract the relevant details from a person. Normally, this is done voluntarily, which is legal under Federal law and in several states.

Nanite Systems regularly employs promising students in a wide variety of internships to help foster the talent that our company is built on. As of this writing, we have over fifty thousand interns with the company on dozens of planets, moons, and satellite colonies. As a conglomerate with interests in robotics research, military logistics, and industrial supply, it is inevitable that our employees, as well as interns, are sometimes in risky or hazardous situations, including dangers inherent in the military research and development process, battlefield resupply, and deep space cargo hauling. We take every step available to safeguard the lives of our current and future employees, but in the event that loss of life does occur, next of kin are notified immediately, per standard industry practice and in accordance with the laws of most countries.

Recently, it was discovered that some of our sales staff used our sampling equipment to salvage some of the physical and mental characteristics from interns, both living and recently deceased, exploiting these tragedies that affect everyone in the company in order to obtain bonuses intended for conversion candidate recruitment. In a number of cases it has been confirmed that the living interns involved in these forced conversions were unwilling or had been misled as to the procedure and its consequences. While the resulting product may appear to emulate the attitudes and outlooks of their organic predecessors, they are not to be confused with full-body cyborgs and are only shallow imitations.

After consulting with a number of families of the victims, we've decided to institute a company-wide ban on conversion and to screen against any units that contain detectable traces of human personality or experience, except where an audit can confirm that the unit was voluntarily converted. It is of utmost importance to us that customers can be confident their machines are safe and behave within expected parameters. I and the company as a whole cannot express enough how sorry we are that grieving families have had to grapple with questions of whether or not their daughters, sisters, sons, and brothers have been properly laid to rest. Hopefully, this will set us on the road to making amends.

Tamara Peluso
CEO, Nanite Systems Consumer Products
Acting Chair of the Board of Directors of Nanite Systems Corporation

If you're concerned one of your family members may have been improperly subject to sampling, we want to hear from you. Contact us by email.