dax/3 goes mini

dax/3 goes mini


It's hard to believe it's been almost eleven months since the DAX/3 first hit the store shelves—our fastest-ever selling controller design, with millions of preorders shipped to eager robot owners across the galaxy just on its first day. But today that bit of history just might be old news, because the DAX/3 mini is a thing of true beauty.

Featuring a matte black ceramic exterior, the DAX/3m is designed to fit in perfectly with our popular Metalloplastic Nova epidermal coating system. Tint its numerous exterior faces however you like, and in whatever patterns you like. It can even be scaled down to just two thirds of its default size if you have a very small avatar. And if you want to change what parts of the hardware light up, no problem—the modern autoconf flicker is more than happy to read new settings out of part descriptions with just a quick reset, and also provides controllable !lamp support.

The DAX/3m features Companion, a special version of 8.4.3 that includes support for the DAX/3m's battery socket and sound scheme defaults. Support will also be available in the upcoming 8.5m2 pre-alpha release. ATOS/E is not included by default, but can easily be installed by following the instructions at support.nanite-systems.com.

Available now online or at one of our store locations for just L$900. Become more!

And as always, information on our other controller systems is available at the feature comparison page.