companion 8.4.4

companion 8.4.4

This service release for Companion 8.4 fixes a security bug caused by incorrect implementation of the 'trigger' command. It also fixes 'charge' for large values and improves display of port connectivity on NS-226 units. Updating is strongly recommended for all 8.4.x users.

Full documentation for 8.4 is available at

Battery recall: If your batteries were purchased before February 11, 2017, they need to be replaced to be used with Companion 8.4.2 or later. To get replacement batteries, send your current power cells to Takura Thielt (any time), Kuro Umino (any time) or rhet0rica (weekends only). See the batteries page for more information.

installation instructions for Companion 8.4.4

Express route: everything below can be skipped if you received a (Redeliver) object with your controller. Simply wear it and you will automatically be given a clean copy of the newest version. If you have made changes that you'd like to keep, though, read on! Keep in mind you will still need an updated battery, as mentioned above.
  1. Check your current software version by selecting 'about' from the main menu. If it's 8.0.0 or later, you're good to go. If it's older, or you can't even find the 'about' item, contact technical support directly for further assistance. You can also use the command @about to get the same information.
  2. Come to a region with Xanadu support.
  3. Getting ready. Type the following to back up your current list of users: @keychain save
    This is optional if you do not wish to preserve your current users.
  4. Installation. Go to the following menu: manage > software. If you are running 8.2.1 or earlier, select install. If you are running 8.3.0 or later, select connect.
    1. Select the sim's primary update server. If you are in Eisa, this is xcentral:0. If you are in one of the other supported updating sims, see the list here.
    2. If you are running a version of 8.4 already, select update. (Otherwise, select install.)
    3. Select the Companion_8.4.4 package and upgrade or install it.
    4. If you do not see the update package, see alternative instructions for updating via the command line.
    5. Accept the notecard _System_8.4.4_info when it is offered. If you are running an Aegis that was previously running 8.2.0, there are additional instructions inside that are very important.
    6. Installation will take up to 2 minutes. You will receive a message saying Done. Installed 56 files total. when the process is finished.
    7. Turn the controller back on.
  5. If you do not currently have a HUD at the bottom of your screen, type @setup console. If you already use the HUD, you should have been offered an updated one during the install process.
  6. Finalizing. Reboot once to apply the applicable changes from the last step.
  7. Important note for returning customers: A battery recall was issued on February 11, 2017. Older power cells will not work with the new release. See above for instructions on replacing your battery. If you purchased your battery on or after February 11, 2017, this does not affect you.

changes in 8.4.4

  • Fixed environmental charges being ignored if over 20 kJ (a prompt would be generated, but the result discarded); this should fix the pulse beacon, taser, and large @zap jumps.
  • Fixed the 'trigger' public bus command to work as intended; it was producing system commands with no arguments instead of activating the Arabesque trigger system. You can now use Arabesque notecards called 'e_charge-start' and 'e_charge-stop' to execute instructions when starting/stopping charging.
  • Fixed a slight cosmetic issue with the NS-226 Hephaestus controller not using the visible ports on its case when cables were connected without a Nanoconnectivity adapter installed.

changes in 8.4.3

  • Support for shielded uRTG batteries
  • Removed spurious debug messages in the SCM damage effect code

changes in 8.4.2

  • Resolved inconsistent format in QUERY_SUBSYSTEM and response messages, creating difficulty for app creators who needed to check subsystem states.
  • Battery swap-outs were still causing explosive overheating in ATOS/E. This should be resolved now. An update to ATOS/E is not required.
  • Fixed devices menu reporting devices as not found or not installed.
  • Added version checking for batteries. Please also ensure that you get an updated battery.
  • Fixed a bug where '@color company' would cause the unit's lights to go black.
  • Restored the hinge script in the XSU.