Arachne X8

Arachne X8

From NSIF's legendary Orion Belt Foundries comes a maintenance platform that will make you cry.

Seriously. It throws way more shade than the VectorLogix bed. And unlike the VectorLogix bed, it was designed from the ground up to weld broken robots back into one piece, using its high-powered electric welding arm to treat even the toughest of transceiver, cortex, and chassis damage. You'll wonder how you ever repaired damage without it.


  • Price: L$800
  • Available: now, in-world (Eisa)
  • Land impact: 12
  • Permissions: copy/mod
  • Relinkable: yes (requires script extraction and re-insertion)
  • Gender: huge bitch
  • Favorite color: apricot
  • Included package sideloading mechanism: Xanadu Package Server 1.1.4
  • Welding arm degrees of freedom: 5 (base pivot, pneumatic welding head extensor, and 3 pitch control joints)
  • Scripts: 6 (213 KB required memory)
  • Charging speed: 160 kW (11% faster than an ARC, 21% faster than a Charger 3)
  • Designer: Tamara Peluso

Additionally, the VectorLogix diagnostics bed has been reduced in price to L$600 (from L$750).

Disclaimers and other notes

  • Due to the nature of the grid's permissions system, most software packages, especially system updates, cannot be redistributed once they are delivered to the user. This means it is not possible to use your bed to install official NS software on controllers belonging to other avatars.
  • No software packages are included with the Arachne X8. The VectorLogix bed included four, which could be used to reinstall parts of the operating system in the event of a script crash. These packages are no longer necessary, as Companion 8.5's @reset system command can be used to restart scripts in user memory. Consequently, they have not been included.
  • The X8 was tested extensively with Companion 8.5. Users of Companion 8.4 may still face guest permissions issues when using beds owned by others if the consent prompt expires or is rejected. To resolve this situation, try the following commands, in order:
    @reset hierarchy
    @reset obedience
    @reset submission
    @reset puppet
    It should then be possible to receive the consent prompt again.