better still: System 8.0.3

better still: System 8.0.3

The 8.0.3 patch was released last night, and after enough tweaking appears to be ready for general consumption. Here's how to get it:

  • If your unit has a 7.2 controller still (or earlier), send rhet0rica an IM or e-mail.
  • If your unit is running an 8.0 controller, come visit our main campus to download the firmware update without requiring a re-install. This also applies to those running the 8.0.2 release. Note: if you purchased a controller from the new display stand (i.e. not just a box on the table) within the last two weeks, there were permissions errors in the 8.0.2 copy being distributed. You have already been given a new 8.0.3 controller; look in your inventory!
    Installation Instructions for Firmware Updates

    1. Make sure you have manager access to the unit you wish to upgrade. If you do not, contact the unit's owner. Be advised that some units may be ownerless and function effectively as self-owned. (To set up users, access the manage -> users panel.)
    2. Take the unit to a region where Xanadu server access is available. At present, this is only the Nanite Systems Main Campus.
    3. Start the update from manage -> software -> install -> xcentral:0 -> System_8.0.3 -> install. Updates may take up to 5 minutes.
    4. Reboot the unit if necessary to reinitialize the battery interface.

    Notice: this is a clean install, and so any settings stored in RAM—user list, sound scheme, boot style, volume settings, power profiles, color options—will need to be re-installed afterwards. Files on disk (personas, actions, installed software packages) will not be affected. RAM data by installed software packages (e.g. instructor interval) will not be affected by this update.


What's new in System 8.0.3?

 - Fix support for OEM prefixes.
 - Fix power profile announcements.
 - Comments allowed in sxdwm menu files (prefixed with #)
 - 'auth' light bus command (e.g. from horns and handles) was causing a linked message loop in the Security Manager, slowing down sims immensely. Fixed.
 - Deferred exhibition messages during load until loading is complete, preventing 'button not found' errors during update or other full system reset.
 - Battery should not be lost following module resets. (Well, as much.)
 - Subsystem states are properly re-applied following a reboot.
 - Video is now a critical system and not suppressed at low power.
 - System automatically shuts down at 5% power and imposes heavy restrictions if booted with less than 5% power.
 - 'status' button on main menu now triggers @power status also.
 - PIN entry menu was off by 1 on touch screen.
 - improved ACS,welcome response to include standard but undocumented CCU private fields (remoteok=1 for chargers but remoteok=0 for other devices)
 - prevented double-reconnect to chargers on attach
 - ACS interference now supported (may protect with DrainProtect in the future)

For earlier patch notes, see our 8.0.2 release page.