System 8.1.0

System 8.1.0

The 8.1 release is out! This is a large update, with many fixes and features. Here's how to get it:

  • If your unit has a 7.x controller still (or earlier), send rhet0rica an IM or e-mail.
  • If your unit is running an 8.0.x controller, come visit our main campus to download the firmware update without requiring a re-install.
  • If you are running an Aide on System 8.0.4 (i.e. one that has never been updated), you will first need to patch your software manager to accept system updates from the correct source. Before instruction 3 below, install Hotfix_8.0.5 from xpatch:0 in the manage -> software menu.
    Installation Instructions for Firmware Updates

    1. Make sure you have manager access to the unit you wish to upgrade. If you do not, contact the unit's owner. Be advised that some units may be ownerless and function effectively as self-owned. (To set up users, access the manage -> users panel.)
    2. Take the unit to a region where Xanadu server access is available. At present, this is only the Nanite Systems Main Campus.
    If your unit is running a beta of 8.0.5 (or 8.0.4.x), have the unit type @keychain save to ensure the user table is kept after updating. 3. Start the update from manage -> software -> install -> xcentral:0 -> System_8.1.0 -> install. Updates may take up to 5 minutes.
    If the unit is running a beta version, the installation will appear under the update menu instead of the install menu. This will be the case for all future system updates.
    If the unit reports an error message about button lengths in dialogs, remove the instructor package from the unit prior to updating. It can be reinstalled from xcentral:0 afterwards.
    4. Reboot the unit to reinitialize the battery interface.
    5. Have the unit type @setup console to activate the new HUD, and reboot again.
    6. If the unit was previously running a beta of System 8.0.5, have the unit type @keychain save again. This should remove any spurious media object controls that might interfere with accessing the controller's TTY menu.

    Notice: this is a clean install, and so any settings stored in RAM—user list, sound scheme, boot style, volume settings, power profiles, color options—will need to be re-installed afterwards. Files on disk (personas, actions, installed software packages) will not be affected. RAM data by installed software packages (e.g. instructor interval) will not be affected by this update.
If you see the error message: llDialog: button labels must be 24 or fewer characters long while attempting to connect to xcentral:0, remove the instructor package from manage ->software -> remove before attempting the update. This is a known issue with multiple package updates being required. A new version can be installed from xcentral:0 after updating is complete.


What's new in System 8.1.0?

 - Added upper limit on interference to prevent abuse.
 - New @zap command; more flexible and consistent than old method.
 - The unit can no longer be carried and set to follow someone at the same time. (Carrying will interrupt following.)
 - @color will no longer set the lights to black when unknown parameters are provided.
 - Devices can now inquire as to the current system color with the 'color-q' light bus message.
 - The identity -> color menu item will now save the color instead of setting it temporarily.
 - Ownership now reverts whenever the unit has no owner at all, not only when user list is cleared.
 - Fixed erroneous information in some command help messages.
 - Fixed parameter handling on @coil.
 - Internal announcement for module resets instead of 10% volume announcement (should make updates less spammy!)
 - Prevented @shutdown from starting a 30 second timer in several inappropriate situations.
 - Removed !relay (now implicitly part of remote access).
 - Major refactoring and overhaul of _submission; added command-line user management and runaway command (@keychain).
 - Users list can be saved and restored.
 - Xanadu connections now timeout correctly (no more "Updating package list..." forever.)
 - Xanadu now shows firmware under 'update' menu correctly.
 - Removed ".00000" from power profile loaded message.
 - Fixed problem with loading empty keychain.
 - Fixed problem with stretched screen on DAX units.
 - Made system updates appear under 'update', not 'install'.
 - The cortex will now always allow @safeword.
 - _puppet will look for object owners, not objects (permits remote control devices)
 - Added @sxdwm connect/disconnect, to permit remote TTY menu access.
 - Improved command response formatting in _foundation to emit OwnerSay() messages less when unnecessary; other changes will probably be necessary.
 - _xanadu-client will now accept controller creator or its own creator as the author of system updates
 - Regression: _exhibition must show menu for clicking on root prim and unnamed prims (NS-112 requirement)
 - Report following to devices: follow + follow-q to reduce conflicts.
 - Battery listener cleanup (dyv3ke's bug?)
 - Local console HUD support implemented (in particular, @devices, but also device remove detection.) The local HUD will automatically attach and update itself once "@setup console" is performed. Old HUDs can be removed safely from the #RLV folder.
 - Fixed owner query on scan; all units were reporting as self-owned.
 - Fixed @autolock toggle.
 - Various obscure bugs fixed.
 - Added @coil ddt to enable/disable diagnostics when away from a charging station.
 - 'Unknown server previous; rescanning...'
 - Removed Away animation (drooping head) when powered down; was only visible on SXDs and certain sitting animations.
 - Switched from llGroundRepel() to @avatarheight:10=force when powered down; should stop 'freefall' bugs.
 - Stargate support.
 - Switched to using part descriptor tags to identify memory card—renamed from 'program' to the unit's proper name.
 - Grievously bad typecasting bugs with power profile management; added '@profile save' and '@profile delete'.
 - New teleport mechanics: cooldown (with display in HUD) and color-responsive burst effect. If rezzing is permitted and it is available, the "_warp-system" prop will also be spawned. (Uses start parameter as bbggrr 24-bit packed integer.)
 - Tweaks to spark system.
 - Persona display added to HUD.
 - Patch notecard stuff; deletes after shown once.
 - Fixes for HUD auto-attach/give.
 - Fixed "Remove access" typo in _submission.
 - Fixed leaky media controls affecting some beta users.
 - drainprotect now properly covers ACS charging devices.
 - Carrier management (support for multiple handles).
 - Fixed @relay (thanks, iKitten!)
 - Rebalanced teleport EMP (now causes brief interference in nearby units and gives less charge) with new burst pattern for effect.
 - Moved PIN management into separate module (_obedience Access Manager) to give user management functions more headroom.

For earlier patch notes, see our 8.0.4 release page.