ATOS Elements

Not just your friend.

Finally. A combat infrastructure that bridges the gap between battlefield and civilian life. Bodyguards. Police. Private security. It's the best of both worlds, and it's available now.

Key features:

  • dynamic heat management
  • automated fidelity rescaling and nanite repair
  • target tracking*
  • weapons integration
  • defensive systems integration
  • environmental temperature response
  • Companion: the best foundation a civil defense unit can possibly have

ATOS/E is the first comprehensive operating environment that makes it possible to use a robot for a wide variety of roles without compromise. Unlike its big sibling, ATOS/CX, it can be installed on any robot we sell capable of running the Companion operating system (formerly called 'SXD System Firmware'), not just military-grade machines. No additional purchase is necessary.

Dynamic heat management

In civilian units, heat is regulated invisibly using passive cooling. With ATOS/E installed, the heat gauge and fan (or liquid cooler) controls are visible, allowing you to monitor system temperature and fan or pump speed in the appropriate units. An alarm will sound if the unit is near its overheating point.

Automated fidelity rescaling and nanite repair

When damage to system integrity is detected, certain aspects of the system exhibit degraded performance in order to conserve power and prevent further damage. These include vocoder output (which may produced pronounced artifacts), general motor speed (which is impaired to prevent damage), and the central power bus (which may emit sparks sporadically or result in flickering lights.) None of these defects are indicative of irreversible to the unit, but signal clearly to those around that the unit requires assistance.

After a short delay, if it is enabled, automated nanite-mediated repair takes place, using system blueprints to repair damaged hardware at a significant power cost. Overall system integrity cannot be fully restored via automatic nanite repair; use of an external repair station is strongly recommended to complete maintenance.

Target tracking

ATOS/E will introduce the first version of LaserLine IFF, which displays integrity meters and identification codes for all ATOS-powered units within line of sight, hovering over each target. This ensures higher quality of execution, planning, and communication even under impaired video or cognitive subsystem conditions.

Weapons integration

ATOS/E provides ammunition gauges directly on the HUD through enhancements to the standard Local Console in Companion, and permits replenishing directly through the main system battery for compatible energy weapons.

Defensive systems integration

ATOS/E enables automated shield activation to reject sustained electromagnetic interference from identifiable sources and selective activation for active denial energy barriers. A compatible shield generator such as the 2.1 megawatt Meissner Effect Shield (MSH-2100) is required.

The weather

Temperature management is calibrated against local meteorological stations powered by the NS Weather Service (NSWS). Now deserts are really hot, ice caverns are really cool, and the bottom of the ocean is really wet! Water will increase the rate at which units cool down.

Built on top of Companion

ATOS/E is installed as a reboot-free installation on top of Companion 8.4 and later. It can run on a wide range of platforms, including SXD, SXD/8R, DAX/2, DAX/2 mini, DAX/T, iKitten, NS-304 Daybreak, NS-476 Aegis, NS-115 Scout, NS-112 Aide, NS-114C Companion, MynK-i, and the KSP-510, and makes a unit combat-ready in seconds. It is equally easy to uninstall by visiting a service center.

Getting ATOS

Before installing ATOS/E, it's vital to make sure your controller's operating system is up to date. Update instructions for Companion, and installation and update instructions for ATOS/E, are available here.

* Not yet available.