System 8.0 is out and available now. If you were holding off before, come get it! Beta-testing is complete, and many small issues have been fixed—so many, that we're calling the official release version 8.0.2. Here's how to get it:

  • If your unit has a 7.2 controller still (or earlier), send rhet0rica an IM or e-mail.
  • If your unit is running an 8.0 controller, come visit our main campus to download the firmware update without requiring a re-install. This also applies to those running the 8.0.1 early release from last night.
    Installation Instructions for Firmware Updates

    1. Make sure you have manager access to the unit you wish to upgrade. If you do not, contact the unit's owner. Be advised that some units may be ownerless and function effectively as self-owned. (To set up users, access the manage -> users panel.)
    2. Take the unit to a region where Xanadu server access is available. At present, this is only the Nanite Systems Main Campus.
    3. Start the update from manage -> software -> install -> xcentral:0 -> System_8.0.2 -> install. Updates may take up to 5 minutes.
    4. Reboot the unit if necessary to reinitialize the battery interface.

    Notice: this is a clean install, and so any settings stored in RAM—user list, sound scheme, boot style, volume settings, power profiles, color options—will need to be re-installed afterwards. Files on disk (personas, actions, installed software packages) will not be affected. RAM data by installed software packages (e.g. instructor interval) will not be affected by this update.


What's new in System 8.0.2?

 - No longer lists 'default' in the personas list.
 - @attachover instead of @attach for RLV in personas.

What's new in System 8.0.1?

- Fixed error message spam on start-up
- Added OEM descriptor support
- Removed 'recharge complete' message.
- Started work on support for ACS interference.
- Added command access to remote interface (not yet secured)
- Reduced lag when navigating the menus.
- Improved device connect negotiation process.
- Fixed bugs with color going black after a_rainbow execution.
- Fixed issues with long unicode names in security manager.
- Fixed inability to leave power profiles menu.
- Whole controller is now more touch-responsive, more like in 7.2.
- 100% no code differences between SXD and DAX/2

This is still fairly beta, but deals with the majority of bugs that users frequently reported. There are still lots of things to do, though, so stay tuned.

For the time being, this package may be reinstalled as many times as you want in case you damage something.

NEW IN 8.0

- Redesigned controller to use the SXD 8.0 touch screen, to have a more compact profile, to include a memory card slot, and to require a battery.

- Added Xanadu package management system. Now you can update your unit and install extra software without as much headache as before!

- Added sxdwm (exhibition) display manager, permitting a real touch screen—but don't worry, you can still access dialog-based navigation and turn on the unit by clicking on the fan

- Renamed 'modules' to 'subsystems' — a menu named 'modules' still exists, but it is used for resetting firmware components

- Added GPS, identity, and power-amplifier subsystems, and renamed the old amplifier to the preamplifier

- Combined interface controls for volume.

- Combined interface controls for motor speed.

- Added @ commands. Most new menu functions work through these.

- Added power profiles—no more messy/spammy performer scripts for changing activity levels!

- Persona cards now support custom messages (see documentation)

- Added devices manager and more robust (but slow) device negotiation protocol

- Renamed and refactored lots of things

- Improved and worsened ACS charging

- Moved user data into the memory card to keep the root clean

- Added self-access toggle

- Added DrainProtect to prevent negative charging by environmental sources.

- Moved cortex subsystem to separate menu, to be populated with other stuff by upcoming features etc.

Known bugs new in 8.0: trouble disconnecting from charging platforms, lights set to black after the end of the rainbow script (new performer is unaware of color changes), very slow/laggy code when loading and unloading batteries, high tendency for the controller to crash when transferring into a busy sim (requiring relogging and re-attaching, so save your controller every now and then by powering it down and taking it off)

NEW IN 7.2

- Added/fixed 'programs' menu. Check out the 'Hello World' sample script in the memory card prim (the triangle on the back) for an example in how to create accessible programs for your unit.

- Added documentation file for 7.2 light bus and linked messages protocols explaining how to use the system.

- Added start-up chime (Mac Quadra; others are included but not enabled)

- Fixed follow menu command (click 'follow' again to stop unit from following you)

- Added support for active devices (for use with smart horns/handles and similar peripherals)

- Split radio into "in" and "out" subsystems.

- Added not-yet-implemented power profiles menu button (continue using perform scripts for now)