past changelog completed features in Companion (SXD System Firmware)


	7.2.0 Added/fixed 'programs' menu. Check out the 'Hello World' sample script in the memory card prim (the triangle on the back) for an example in how to create accessible programs for your unit.
	7.2.0 Added documentation file for 7.2 light bus and linked messages protocols explaining how to use the system.
	7.2.0 Added start-up chime (Mac Quadra; others are included but not enabled)
	7.2.0 Fixed follow menu command (click 'follow' again to stop unit from following you)
	7.2.0 Added support for active devices (for use with smart horns/handles and similar peripherals)
	7.2.0 Split radio into "in" and "out" subsystems.
	7.2.0 Added not-yet-implemented power profiles menu button (continue using perform scripts for now)


	8.0.0 Redesigned DAX/2 controller to use the SXD 8.0 touch screen, to have a more compact profile, to include a memory card slot, and to require a battery.
	8.0.0 Added Xanadu package management system. Now you can update your unit and install extra software without as much headache as before!
	8.0.0 Added sxdwm (exhibition) display manager, permitting a real touch screen—but don't worry, you can still access dialog-based navigation and turn on the unit by clicking on the fan
	8.0.0 Renamed 'modules' to 'subsystems' — a menu named 'modules' still exists, but it is used for resetting firmware components
	8.0.0 Added GPS, identity, and power-amplifier subsystems, and renamed the old amplifier to the preamplifier
	8.0.0 Combined interface controls for volume.
	8.0.0 Combined interface controls for motor speed.
	8.0.0 Added @ commands. Most new menu functions work through these.
	8.0.0 Added power profiles—no more messy/spammy performer scripts for changing activity levels!
	8.0.0 Persona cards now support custom messages (see documentation)
	8.0.0 Added devices manager and more robust (but slow) device negotiation protocol
	8.0.0 Renamed and refactored lots of things
	8.0.0 Improved and worsened ACS charging
	8.0.0 Moved user data into the memory card to keep the root clean
	8.0.0 Added self-access toggle
	8.0.0 Added DrainProtect to prevent negative charging by environmental sources.
	8.0.0 Moved cortex subsystem to separate menu, to be populated with other stuff by upcoming features etc.

Known bugs new in 8.0.0: trouble disconnecting from charging platforms, lights set to black after the end of the rainbow script (new performer is unaware of color changes), very slow/laggy code when loading and unloading batteries, high tendency for the controller to crash when transferring into a busy sim (requiring relogging and re-attaching, so save your controller every now and then by powering it down and taking it off)

	8.0.1 - see release notes, lots of improvements
2	8.0.1 OEM cards

	8.0.2 RLV attachover
2	8.0.2 redundant listing of default persona

	8.0.3 fix OEM prefix
	8.0.3 fix power profile announcements
	8.0.3 comments in sxdwm menu files (#)
	8.0.3 242 spam caused by feedback loop in _submission
	8.0.3 defer exhibition messages during load until loading is complete, preventing 'button not found' errors during update or other full system reset
	8.0.3 battery should not be lost following module resets
	8.0.3 teleport is cleared on reboot
	8.0.3 make video a critical subsystem
	8.0.3 5% shutdown threshold
	8.0.3 integrate some of elysia's menu change decisions (made main:status do power status)
	8.0.3 fix PIN entry menu
	8.0.3 Lucian's power adventures: improved ACS,welcome to include standard but undocumented CCU private fields; prevented double-reconnect on attach
13	8.0.3 ACS interference

	8.0.4 fixed ACS interference vanishing on reboot, lack of guaranteed time-out
	8.0.4 fixed @name not honoring OEM prefix
	8.0.4 new response format for remote control "ping" message:
		<serial> <version> <owner> <model>
	8.0.4 add "-" and "modify" for sxdwm menu files
	8.0.4 rename 'configure' menu
	8.0.4 cancel PIN entry for setting
	8.0.4 restore network submenu
	8.0.4 RLV commands now combined on one line per subsystem; far quicker!
	8.0.4 send 'commands' to gulag
	8.0.4 decompose radio metasystem
	8.0.4 lock down remote access
	8.0.4 RLV re-apply completely broken on relog and attach
	8.0.4 battery loading still a pain? re-issued metacell and OC battery to fix dropped listeners
	8.0.4 re-integrate some of elysia's menu change decisions (make main:status do power status)
	8.0.4 power switch has no range limit
	8.0.4 make menu timeout work
	8.0.4 reduce command spam
	8.0.4 text message silencing for charging, power toggle, and other things (a universal linked message should set it)
	8.0.4 fix gamma on detach
	8.0.4 tty PIN dialog should not vanish after each key input
	8.0.4 no more getting stuck in manage menus after submission reset
	configurable instructor
	8.0.4 can no longer follow self
23	8.0.4 'cancel' on power profiles fixed again

	8.0.5b1 added upper limit on interference
	8.0.5b1 new @zap command; more flexible and consistent than old method
	8.0.5b1 block carry + follow conflicts; horns should be able to suspend follow!
	8.0.5b1 @color should no longer set the lights to black when name lookup fails
	8.0.5b1 inquire color to devices: color-q
	8.0.5b1 identity -> color should save color too
	8.0.5b1 ownership now reverts whenever owner is absent, not only when user list is cleared
	8.0.5b1 fixed erroneous information in some command help messages
	8.0.5b1 fixed parameter handling on @coil
	8.0.5b1 internal announcement for module resets instead of 10% volume announcement (should make updates less spammy)
	8.0.5b1 prevented @shutdown from starting a 30 second timer in several inappropriate situations
	8.0.5b1 removed !relay (now implicitly part of remote access)
	8.0.5b1 major refactoring and overhaul of _submission; added command-line user management and runaway command (@keychain)
	8.0.5b1 users list can be saved and restored
	8.0.5b1 xanadu connections now timeout correctly (no more "Updating package list..." forever)
	8.0.5b1 xanadu now shows firmware under 'update' menu correctly
	8.0.5b1 remove .00000 from power profile loaded message
	8.0.5b2 fixed problem with loading empty keychain
	8.0.5b2 fixed problem with stretched screen on DAX units
	8.0.5b2 make sure system updates appear under 'update', not 'install'
	8.0.5b3 cortex will always allow @safeword
	8.0.5b3 _puppet will look for object owners, not objects (permits remote control devices)
	8.0.5b3 added @sxdwm connect/disconnect to permit remote TTY menu access
	8.0.5b3 improved command response formatting in _foundation to spam OwnerSay() less when unnecessary; other changes will probably be necessary
	8.0.5b4 _xanadu-client will now accept controller creator or its own creator as the author of system updates
	8.0.5b4 regression: _exhibition must show menu for clicking on root prim and unnamed prims (NS-112 requirement)
	8.0.5b5 report following to devices: follow + follow-q
	8.0.5b5 battery listener cleanup (dyv3ke's bug?)
	8.0.5b5 local console HUD support
	8.0.5b5 fixed owner query on scan
	8.0.5b5 fixed @autolock toggle
	8.0.5b6 more local console HUD stuff
	8.0.5b6 various obscure bugs
	8.0.5b6 added @coil ddt
	8.0.5b6 'Unknown server previous; rescanning...'
	8.0.5b6 removed forced away when powered down
	8.0.5b6 switched from llGroundRepel() to @avatarheight:10=force when powered down; should stop 'freefall' bugs
	8.0.5b6 CR no longer eats device i + 1 when device i is removed
	8.0.5b6 starting implementation of stargate stuff
	8.0.5b6 local HUD auto-attach and auto-give
	8.0.5b6 switch to using part descriptor tags to identify memory card—rename from 'program' to the unit's proper name
	8.0.5b7 grievously bad typecasting bugs with power profile management; added '@profile save' and '@profile delete'
	8.0.5b7 new teleport mechanics: cooldown (with display in HUD) and color-responsive burst effect
	8.0.5b7 tweaks to spark system
	8.0.5b7 persona display in HUD
	8.0.5b7 patch notecard stuff; deletes after shown once
	8.0.5b7 fixes for HUD auto-attach/give
	8.0.5b7 "@setup console" command
	8.1.0 fixed "Remove access" typo in _submission
	8.1.0 fixed leaky media controls
	8.1.0 drainprotect for ACS charging now fixed
	8.1.0 carrier management (support for multiple handles)
	8.1.0 fixed @relay (thanks, iKitten!)
	8.1.0 rebalanced teleport EMP (now causes brief interference in nearby units and gives less charge) with new burst pattern for effect
	8.1.0 moved PIN management into separate module (_obedience Access Manager) to give user management functions more headroom
57	8.1.0 "_warp_system" object is spawned on TP finish if in object inventory and can rez (uses start parameter as bbggrr 24-bit packed integer color)

	8.1.1 passive devices may make certain queries even if they are owned by another avatar—previously this was forbidden; this should be useful for interacting with base stations etc.—these have no chance of harming the unit
	8.1.1 HUD now removes devices correctly and supports multiple handles (any device containing 'ear', 'tail', 'horn', or 'handle' will be regarded as a handle)
	8.1.1 added HUD support for collars, carrying, and icons (new 2.0 active device icons only)
	8.1.1 '@keychain load' now sends message 20, so all components will be aware of the correct owner
	8.1.1 interference can no longer be applied while the unit is powered down
	8.1.1 HUD now displays personality correctly if one is active when it is attached
	8.1.1 missing speech sound (EOF) during boot no longer causes debug messages
	8.1.1 iKitten support
	8.1.1 made the _arabesque 'remark' (ownersay) feature into a real command
	8.1.1 'remove' button for active devices (except battery)
	8.1.1 sink replies from old icons generate 'access denied' spam—handled this by ignoring any numbers sent to the remote radio interface
	8.1.1 remote access and device TTY accesses (including the HUD) should now refuse to abet self-access
	8.1.1 fixed @safeword not restoring self-access
	8.1.1 Exhibition doesn't respect self-access when using remote dialing (e.g. HUD or remote console menu access)—HUD should respect this too
	8.1.1 personas cannot be opened in violation of self-access
	8.1.1 fixed a bug preventing RLV folder loading and a separate bug preventing the RLV path from being updated on the cortex
	8.1.1 built-in script updates
	8.1.1 arabesque now has $name, $serial, and $serial_display (with hyphens) and should auto-populate these constants properly and reliably
	8.1.1 "device connected" should now only play once during a probe
	8.1.1 "@coil status" math fixed.
	8.1.1 updated included Arabesque actions.
22	8.1.1 clear keychain on transfer

	8.1.2 HUD should no longer produce errors when attempting to detach due to a collision
	8.1.2 HUD will no longer spam cleanup noise or "pinging..." message repeatedly (although searching persists.)
	8.1.2 controller should no longer boot without battery - bails after 5-10 seconds
	8.1.2 very awkward attempt to give new HUD without knowing version number immediately post-update
	8.1.2 @bolts: requires manager access, supports 3 states (lock, normal, release). Release leaves the controller fully detachable unless locked (or locking is enabled and the unit is powered down); normal is the current convention of 'non-detachable when on'. The controller defaults to 'normal', so no one should notice any differences.
	8.1.2 @unlock <pin>
	8.1.2 On-going refactorization of subsystem management in preparation for various capacitors, add-ons, and powered devices (EPS, Meissner shield, etc.) resulting in new 'restraint' module containing minimal RLV backend
	8.1.2 Maybe fixed long-standing wonky whisper when preamp should be active but power amp is not
	8.1.2 "preload <sound>" for Arabesque
	8.1.2 moved interference management to _restraint
	8.1.2 fixed passive stargate support—but may still conflict with open (auto-accepting) RLV relays
	8.1.2 @profile should work again (ely5ia)—and for real!
	8.1.2 finished concealing awful number-to-meaning mappings for @verbosity behind language interface (s4pphire)
	8.1.2 various fixes to management of FTL spooling (a number of events could cause it to be skipped)
	8.1.2 changed default, OEM-less unit info to NS-100 dummy robot instead of SXD
	8.1.2 HUD: fixed a bug where removing a device with no representation would cause self-destruction
	8.1.2 support for battery powered devices and services (using internal message 155)
18	8.1.2 proof-of-concept Meissner effect interference shield (possibly to be sold as a separate product? undecided)

	8.1.3 improved handling for interference messages with duration 0
	8.1.3 improved battery handling after relog (15 second wait before probe is sent)
	8.1.3 new ACS,welcome version format: NS:(model):(version) — e.g. NS:NS-112:8.1.3
	8.1.3 changed @bolts "release" and "normal" to @bolts "unlock" and "auto"; added sound effects
	8.1.3 added support for ACS,(...),CHARGER,WIRELESS
	8.1.3 Arabesque "enable" and "disable" verbs should now respect the unit's VERBOSITY level
	8.1.3 new, more authentic fault animation which should not clash with movement being disabled
	8.1.3 Fixed @power error messages caused during verbose boot sequence
	8.1.3 exhibition now assumes a DAX-style screen instead of an SXD one, which should fix most/all custom model issues with the screen
	8.1.3 Fixed @bootstyle
	8.1.3 Added "_init" action auto-executed by Arabesque on start-up
	8.1.3 New device-to-MC "load" command for manipulating power loads (active devices only); stray loads will automatically and correctly be removed if the device goes away
	8.1.3 dealt with charging lockdown escape caused by direct set_subsys() commands
	8.1.3 fixed chorus and drainprotect toggles (especially in menus)
	8.1.3 make 5% and 10% auto-shut-off subsystems turn back on when power improves (memorize reason they shut down)
	8.1.3 multiple owners. Menu system for user management is now largely dependent on @keychain, and many rules for affecting others have changed (managers and owners can fully control their peers now.) This has necessitated a slight change to the saved user table format, which cannot be read by the old system (although the new firmware can still read the old user table format.)
	8.1.3 make light bus and linked message commands for querying and reporting subsystem status more robust and complete and not imaginary: subsystem-q and message 170 (replies with message 171 if linked message response requested)
18	8.1.3 suppress TP bubble if it can't obviously be rezzed: get parcel group, check if llSameGroup(), and check if parcel allows public rezzing


	8.2.0 fixed minor bug in support for 'NONE' prefix causing spurious leading space after reboot
	8.2.0 "that user outranks you" message when cancelling user management view
	8.2.0 "@boot" auto-start command (must be specified as 'relay @boot' if used remotely)
	8.2.0 voice processor pipeline to support arbitrary filtration steps categorized as: semantic, linguistic, phonetic, typographical; see wiki/voice_pipeline.
	8.2.0 'd ...': try it instead of /me sometime!
	8.2.0 dot commands (formerly 'cortex bypass' commands) can now be used inside quotation marks in actions.
	8.2.0 'ooc ...' chat command; works on a separate level from other chat filters (e.g. ooc w d She muttered something about lag, quietly.)
	8.2.0 added LockMeister-based control of AOs (e.g. for the Firestorm built-in AO)
	8.2.0 reworked several aspects of audio management; can now globally toggle just tone markers with '@volume tone'; also '@scheme chime' is now '@scheme boot' and there are multiple menu beep schemes (controllable via '@scheme menu')
	8.2.0 changed syntax of "-" menu file directive to assume menu name contextually (mirrors design of "+" directive)
	8.2.0 menu interface for voice pipeline

	8.2.0 voice output redirect. Unfortunately, doesn't seem to work with too many existing devices. ... But hopefully that'll improve!
	8.2.0 chat -> device commands e.g. for AKI (register @ commands with _puppet in analogous fashion to loads registered with _power)
	8.2.0 more watertight command indexing in _foundation: message 184 to remove commands; 182 and 183 ignore duplicates
	8.2.0 fixed relaying of name and vendor from _oem
	8.2.0 compatibility with the NS-476 Aegis controller
	8.2.0 added " ^H" to _arabesque to delete spaces
	8.2.0 SXDs auto-configure to inanimate/female gender spec
	8.2.0 added gender selection menu
	8.2.0 added gender evars to _arabesque (e.g. "$m_abs" for "theirs")
	8.2.0 added gender var substitutions to _cortex for persona messages (e.g. "$m_abs$" for "theirs")
	8.2.0 added voice specification for genders; persona notecards should now specify multiple sound effects for different genders in the format: <neuter> <female> <male>, using spaces as separators between keys or filenames. If only one sound is specified, it is assumed to be an old female-only persona, so feminine voices will use the available marker, but male and neuter voices will revert to the system default. If two sounds are specified, the male will use the neuter (first) marker.
	8.2.0 cleaned up <command> := <message> specification format for preset messages (cortex bypass commands); should make personas easier to write. Old format still recognized.


	8.2.1 default to outpipe disabled
	8.2.1 chorus and drainprotect are dead again
	8.2.1 fixed rate gauge getting stuck in weird wrong size after OEM load (e.g. _foundation reset or update)
	8.2.1  now disabled on the charger—because literally no one uses it right; you get a message telling you how to turn them on instead
	8.2.1 @reset <module>
	8.2.1 battery loading on login finally fixed—although replacement batteries are required
	8.2.1 only apply _sec to channel redirects when outpipe is enabled—this fixes trouble with chatting on other numbered channels
	8.2.1 finally fixed clicky issues for good? "@keychain migrate <face>" will solve any outstanding problems for people who purchased controllers since the release of the Aegis. Media is now stored on link 2, face 0.
	8.2.1 hover height during shutdown: make adjustable with @hover <height>
	8.2.1 prevent adding empty string as user to keychain
	8.2.1 clean up persona #RLV folder state in case of on_rez() or power down
	8.2.1 fm_standard and fl_polyglot now reset when receiving message 801
	8.2.1 vox chain removal fixed; filters weren't being removed from sublists
	8.2.1 Aegis won't flip open when physical access is denied, but fixing this requires either manual script replacement or redelivery of the controller.


	8.3.0 renamed _restraint to _bonds
	8.3.0 added stubs for _hierarchy and _compliance (see 8.4.0)
	8.3.0 _foundation now forces waiting until OEM file has fully loaded, eliminating many awkward inconsistencies
	8.3.0 power gauges for slice-based controllers (SXD, DAX, and 112) should no longer be the wrong size following script resets (related to OEM model identifier loading)
	8.3.0 properly fixed sendchannel_sec restraints that were blocking /channel chat even when the output pipe was disabled.
	8.3.0 HUD configuration file
	8.3.0 'Stargate telemetry received' message only when unit is focus of TP.
	8.3.0 experimentally moved sittp to be part of the rapid subsystem instead of teleport; this is one of the most common customer complaints
	8.3.0 _power is now responsible for managing RLV on boot/shutdown/attach, both alleviating overloads in _foundation caused by too many registered commands and substantially improving the efficiency of these processes

	8.3.0 Make 500 edit the menu directly instead of relying on the main display function.
	8.3.0 Exhibition 4 (ex4) new graphical manager based on a Model–ViewController architecture, supporting multiple concurrent sessions
	ex4 0.4.1 Exhibition/DWM: support for primary display
	ex4 0.4.1 exhibition-core menu and session management
	ex4 0.4.1 text labels for menu items (for better display over TTY)
	ex4 0.4.1 Exhibition/TTY: support for multiple dialog-based terminal interactions
	ex4 0.4.1 restructure Xanadu linked messages to use new stative model properly, as specified in m4_system
	ex4 0.4.1 ability to return to exhibition menus from within closed dialogs – all menus converted to new ex4 format
	ex4 0.4.1 graceful menu transfer for Xanadu

	8.3.0 ORIX controller identification protocol. For now, the type field is limited to 'NS' for standard controllers or 'SXD' for SXD and DAX/2 controllers, but this will change eventually to support reporting of e.g. cyborgs.
	8.3.0 light bus will no longer be left in 'on' state following foundation reset
	8.3.0 @gender
	8.3.0 System will now check for "s_recover" animation instead of using default AO "standup" if available; must last less than 2.40 sec
	8.3.0 @xanadu
	8.3.0 OEM loading should send model properly now
	8.3.0 device handler explodes if light bus addresses are longer than 24 chars

	8.3.0 fix PIN-based locking all over again
	8.3.0 beautify PIN entry (created standard menu assets; m_locked is hereby deprecated)

	8.3.0 vox pipeline no longer messes up on reboot

	ex4 0.4.1 verify working display support on Aegis and DAX/2
30	8.3.0 fix Scout power indicator regression from 8.2.1


	8.3.1 personas menu chews up socks on exit
	8.3.1 xanadu couldn't get info notecards properly

	8.3.2 _oem file can now contain system commands, just like an arabesque script with no parameter substitution—any unrecognized verb will be passed on as a normal 1 (COMMAND) message. Rejoice; you can now use this to hardcode things like gender and access settings. Keep in mind that _oem files already support color, so be sure to use floating-point format and omit 'save', e.g. 'color 1 0 1' for cyan
	8.3.2 fixed @gender voice changes producing null chat sound warning still
	8.3.2 _power shouldn't emit level threshold notices more than once per 10 seconds
	8.3.2 Added new cortex rebinding command: /1capture
	8.3.2 @adjustheight:0=force on detach?!
	8.3.2 "set PIN" and "locked" menus should now reprompt properly
	8.3.2 changed remote access default to all users rather than owner only
	8.3.2 ! remote control no longer works due to changes in access context code
	8.3.2 merged preliminary MynK-i support branch into trunk (support for planar holographic displays with project/stop_project light bus messages)
	8.3.2 unfuck HUD menu buttons

	8.3.3 HUD now plays sound effect (using info from new interference-state light bus verb) when sensory input is disabled/enabled due to interference
	8.3.3 output pipe and release should now display on/off status in ex4 menus properly
	8.3.3 fixed bug in _oem command handling; should be more elegant now.

	8.3.3 attempted fix for 'too many listeners in exhibition-tty': users now cannot be added to the session creation queue multiple times
	8.3.3 started rebranding as 'Companion'; main menu and boot screen will now always display correct version
	8.3.3 @puppet ddt
	8.3.3 manual system for command reference
	8.3.3 unregistered commands and/or non-existent commands now emit error messages when used
	8.3.3 moved the sittp restraint back to the teleport subsystem; it's just too much power!
	8.3.3 make FTL core a recharging load (like the shield)
	8.3.3 autolock should no longer continue to trigger while controller is locked
	8.3.3 menu should time out and return home when not in use
	8.3.3 speech marker suppression token: "#@!" embedded in a speech message will be removed, and the message will not produce a speech marker.

	8.3.3 (experimental titler now built into superbit)

	8.3.3 _power now reports subsystem state changes (using the @power command) to the unit if verbosity is 0 or 1 and the unit would not otherwise be notified

	8.3.4 RE-FIXED: fixed a bug preventing setting of menu sound schemes
	8.3.4 RE-FIXED: adding and removing boot and menu schemes with 'scheme add' and 'scheme remove'

	8.3.4 add 182 for @puppet ddt

	8.3.4 light bus must power down when system halts

	8.3.5 solution for post-teleport blackout? inconclusive
	8.3.5 short-distance teleports (less than 5000m) no longer completely discharge the FTL capacitor

	8.3.5 @optics <windlight preset>
	8.3.5 another fix for exhibition-tty overflows; should no longer be possible to create too many listeners unless there are genuinely 64 sessions or more—stale listeners weren't being removed if a new dialog was requested before the last one was clicked

	8.3.5 can't reproduce; ignoring internal report (probably already fixed incidentally): command browser crazy unlock stuff? - appears that the menu is being overwritten silently and the dialog gets semi-stale—should no longer be a problem since listeners now get cleaned up immediately?

	8.3.5 moved @follow from _arabesque to _bonds for pragmatics
	8.3.5 move @puppet ddt into _coil; need more room in _puppet

	8.3.5 DWM input on empty menu cells is reported during dynamic/audio prompts; generates 'button not found' errors

	8.3.5 RLV chat redirect not restored after updating: automatically rebind if user channel changes

	8.3.6 FTL/teleport subsystem could not be turned on while capacitor was full
	8.3.6 lights-on after shutdown fixed: moved actual 'off' lightbus message into _power

	8.3.6 (fixed neovision bugs relating to power and broken states)
	8.3.6 'cancel' did not work in filter configuration menus
	8.3.6 devices menu no longer echoes its actions to the owner
	8.3.6 HUD button for devices was using wrong session if unit was last user of session 0 (now eliminated all uses of -1 hackery)
	8.3.6 fixed: system failed to disconnect from chargers properly on relog or forced TP
	8.3.6 added @setup console, @hover, and @verbosity to the index of commands

	8.3.7 refactored hover height stuff into _bonds to free up memory in _power; fixes stack-heap in 8.3.6
	8.3.7 added power-on hover height adjustment and changed syntax of @hover to support

	8.3.8 fixed _cortex emitting "persona default" on reset
	8.3.8 fixed adjustheight ownersay spam on attach / failure to restore height offsets on attach
	8.3.8 added BaCdrive controller support

	8.3.9 fixed suspend-follow not clearing on BaCdrive after persona change
	8.3.9 added BaCdrive peripheral support

	8.3.10 better handling for rezzing the controller on ground? spurious restraint applications should be less likely
	8.3.10 fixed names for interfered subsystems
	8.3.10 added %% and $$ to arabesque, like @@
	8.3.10 _power now always emits message 4 (POWER_RATE) even when system isn't charging; required for _sentinel heat support

	8.3.10 _foundation now waits until _power is finished shutting down to initiate reboot; should solve problems with hinge and other devices acting as though the system is powered down after a reboot

	8.3.10 removed command browser from _console-screen
	8.3.10 new icons for _console-screen (manage, sign, shield, fan)
	8.3.10 add-button light bus command for _console-screen
	8.3.10 !fan is disabled if _sentinel is installed
	8.3.10 changed linked message passing model: messages over 1000 will now be passed to memory card without modification, except 2001 and 2002
	8.3.10 implemented support for RCA (spectrum + 1) charging
	8.3.10 persona button on HUD did not work correctly
	8.3.10 added multiple|item|packing for messages 71, 182, 183, and 184 - this majorly reduces buffer overflow problems during boot and fixes a new bug where the persona list request (message 70) was not being seen by songbird
	8.3.10 slightly lowered teleport cost

	8.3.11 preset_ao (persona RLV folder) will now re-apply on controller attach
	8.3.11 changed behavior of OEM loading resumption during click; should no longer skip lines? may reduce risk of lost data
	8.3.11 local access denied from devices should send a message to the responsible person again
	8.3.11 auth-compare, to test if someone has permissions to override another user when using a device
	8.3.11 callback for charging with negative amounts NS-409 Nightfall support