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Welcome to the twenty-first century of recreational synthetics.

Our best software product ever. Now available.
system 8

a dazzling user experience

the best of the best

System 8 is the first major software update for the SXD platform since 1995. Based on the revolutionary new designs built into the early prototype DAX/2s, it provides the operator with a truly unique and customizable architecture using both company and community-provided hardware and software modules. Unlike Firmware release 7, which was a refresh of the venerable 6.0 firmware designed to extend the viability of the surviving and first-wave conversion units, System 8 is truly designed from the ground up to provide an experience as exciting as the SXD's first release.

control her from anywhere

With our new Remote Console, your unit's complete control system can be accessed anywhere on the grid, providing just as much control as standing next to her.

rearrange his mind

Since the SXD's first release in 1988, huge leaps have been made in the computing world in how software is distributed and managed. SXD Release 8 supports loading firmware, kernel updates, and application software from multiple repositories, much like a modern UNIX or Linux-based system.

longer nights

The System 8 hardware upgrades include support for external loading of replaceable battery cells, including our exciting new nanite-assisted sonofusion reactor technology, which provides up to 24 hours of service on a single charge at full load. We've also made many of the subsystems in the unit more efficient, letting you get even more out of your favorite plastic playmate.

more accessible than ever for developers

hack her heart

Custom applications, features, and scripted functionality can be added by the user at any time using an open source friendly architecture. These programs can even be uploaded to our central software repository, permitting collaboration and sharing between owners.

just press play

For the first time ever, Nanite Systems is releasing the SXDDK, the ultimate resource for programmers, tinkerers, and dreamers interested in extending the SXD with new functionality. And with a comprehensive API for hooking speech, adding new commands, and interacting with the new federated microkernel architecture's revised module system, making your beautiful machine do beautiful things has never been easier. (Coming soon.)

plug it in and turn him on

System 8 supports active peripherals that provide direct interactivity with the main controller unit, such as the new NS Politic Horns, (now available) which make it easy to authenticate users before allowing them to carry or pose the unit. The potential for developing high-quality, interactive greeter bots for use on the Agni grid has never been closer to your fingertips.