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new akashic icon designs, status lights, and moo-ore

Nanite Systems is proud to announce the release of six new all-mesh Akashic Icon ('blinker'-style communication implant) designs, four animated ornamental lighting elements, and a special cow-themed variant of our popular Metalloplastic Ivory epidermal layer. As always, these components are designed for use with our DAX/2 system, but also look great and work just fine on their own. (Control HUDs are included for the icons and lights.) Come visit today, and pick up yours!

akashic icons now on sale

One of the most iconic features of the SXD, the Chromatic Communications Interface, better known as a "blinker," is now finally available for the DAX/2 in eight exciting styles for L$150 apiece, or L$750 for all eight. See in-store or shop online for more details.

NS launches site remodel

JANUARY 31, NEW YORK — Hey maw, we have a nice new site now.

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